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eKomi Australia’s online review platform integrates seamlessly with educational institutes and can be an invaluable tool when parents are making the important decision of where to send their children to school.

Whether its early childhood, primary, secondary or tertiary education, parents and students are researching their educational options before enrolling—and online reviews play a major part in the decision-making process. Families will even turn to reviews to decide which suburbs to live in, based on school catchment zones and the reputation of nearby educational facilities.

At eKomi Australia, we make it effortless  for schools and tertiary institutes to collect reviews that will increase their online visibility and boost enrolments. More than 15,000 business already use our reputation management software, including many public and private primary schools, high schools and universities.

How eKomi Australia Help Educational Institutes?

eKomi Australia offers one of the best review platforms with some incredible features that are extremely beneficial to school boards looking to increase their student roll. 

How eKomi helps:

  • Simplify and automate the process of collecting reviews from students, teachers and parents by sending a clickable link via SMS or email or integrating at Point of Sale (POS).
  • Clearly displays user ratings for your educational institute on Google Adwords. In addition to boosting your online credibility, it can boost Click-Through-Rates up to 17% and in turn make CTR more cost effective by 16-80%
  • Monitoring tools allow schools, TAFE, trade institutes and universities to seamlessly manage their online reputation.
  • Ensures your educational institute complies with the current legal requirements in displaying reviews in an industry governed by strict guidelines.
  • Proven response rate of up to 50%. 94.39% of the reviews that you gather are 4- and 5-star.
  • Integration of a “Certificate Page,” to display your overall rating provides your primary, secondary or tertiary institute with list search engines.

How important are Online Reviews for Educational Institutes?

Online reviews play an enormous role in family life, not just where students will enrol but can influence where families will purchase a home. The popularity of a school can drive up real estate prices by as much as 10-15%. (source:

75% of high school students consult social media before agreeing to attend a school but generally this decision will be determined by parents. 94% of parents who are deciding on where their child should attend school will be influenced by online reviews. 43% of students and parents won’t consider a schools with a 3-star Google rating or less and 73% of people will form their opinion after reading only 6 reviews. 

Guide purchasing decisions and increase sales by displaying genuine customer reviews.

Syndicate product and seller ratings through our strong commerce network and drive relevant traffic.

Apply advanced analytics to evaluate and pinpoint particular issues and trends.

Generate conversations with your existing customers to track their experience and improve their lifetime value.

Measure and review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to improve branding and response rates.

Grant access for any of your divisions team members to your central feedback analytics and insights to educate your entire company to customer centricity.

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