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In the cut throat industry of real estate, nothing helps sellers’ agents secure new listings like glowing reviews from happy vendors. Unfortunately, in today’s marketplace, real estate agents have earned a reputation of being akin to used car salesmen, but not all real estate agents are created equal. And here’s where eKomi Australia is giving you a chance to stand out from the pack and prove you are upstanding and worthy of being trusted with a person’s most valuable possessiontheir home.

eKomi Australia provides a user-friendly platform to assist commercial and residential real estate experts to gain  the trust of potential sellers and buyers through gathering reviews and boosting their online reputation. The eKomi Australia software is currently used by more than 15,000 businesses globally and has also been instrumental in collating than 100,000,000 online reviews. 

As a market leader in Online Reputation Management (ORM), eKomi Australia opens a whole new world for buyers and sellers’ agents to revolutionise the way they do business.

How eKomi Australia Help Real Estate Agents

eKomi Australia’s Online Reputation Management software features:

  • Automated review gathering saving time and making it easier for your home buyers and sellers to rate your service.
  • User-friendly software with ongoing eKomi team support if you experience any difficulties at all.
  • Supports 26 languages which means if you are dealing with non-english speaking property investors, you can still include their feedback.
  • Clearly displays user ratings for your educational institute on Google Adwords. In addition to boosting your online credibility, it can boost Click-Through-Rates up to 17% and in turn make CTR more cost effective by 16-80%
  • Monitoring tools allow real estate agencies and property managers to seamlessly manage their online reputation.
  • Ensures your real estate company with the current legal requirements in displaying reviews in an industry governed by strict guidelines.Proven response rate of up to 50%. 94.39% of the reviews that you gather are 4- and 5-star.
  • Integration of a “Certificate Page,” to display your overall rating provides your agency, property management team and sales agents with authenticity.

Why Online Reviews are Important for Real Estate Agents?

Online reviews are crucial for establishing yourself as a credible, authentic and trustworthy real estate agent who has the best interest of the vendor at heart and will go above and beyond to achieve the best market price when negotiating on behalf of the vendor.

Quick sales and above market value is no longer enough, today’s sellers and buyers want to know the extras, like whether you were available for phone calls at any time of the day or night, how smoothly the sales process went or if you were only interested in getting as much commission as possible for next to no work. 84% of buyers and sellers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from their friends and family. 

Online reviews will also entice potential sellers to your website, with websites like and, it’s never been more important to have an impeccable online reputation. 

How to get More New Listings for your Real Estate Agency?

Seller ratings are an automated 5-star system and drive online visibility for your real estate agency. It displays your ratings and reviews in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). According to Google, businesses with Seller Ratings in their AdWords ads have Click Through Rates that are 17% higher than those that don’t. It is a good way to capture the attention of first home buyers and families looking to upgrade their homes.

Guide purchasing decisions and increase sales by displaying genuine customer reviews.

Syndicate product and seller ratings through our strong commerce network and drive relevant traffic.

Apply advanced analytics to evaluate and pinpoint particular issues and trends.

Generate conversations with your existing customers to track their experience and improve their lifetime value.

Measure and review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to improve branding and response rates.

Grant access for any of your divisions team members to your central feedback analytics and insights to educate your entire company to customer centricity.

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