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eKomi Australia for the Restaurant Industry

Online reviews are imperative when it comes to generating buzz around your restaurant, pub, takeout joint or cafe. Whether you’re serving the best fish and chips in Melbourne or offering a unique theatre restaurant experience like Draculas on the Gold Coast, online reviews are what get people through the doors.  eKomi Australia specialises in getting ensuring your restaurant is visible in a digitally saturated market. We have created user-friendly software that’s used by more than 15,000 businesses around the globe, enabling them to gather in excess of 100 million reviews. eKomi helps more than 1000 restaurants worldwide.

How does eKomi Australia Helps Restaurants Get Business?

According to OpenTable, reservation software for Australian restaurants, 93% of people will explore a restaurant’s menu before deciding where to eat. If they like the menu, they will then read online reviews to gauge how other people found their dining experience. 

eKomi Australia helps restaurants, diners, cafes, pubs and other eateries by:

  • Streamlining the collection of reviews at POS (Point of Sale), email, text or website with 94.39% of the reviews being between 4 and 5 stars.
  • Incentivising repeat customers with a shareable coupon redeemable on their next visit to your restaurant.
  • The ability to display reviews on Google Local, Facebook, BookaTable, eKomi Australia certificate page and more.
  • eKomi Australia supports more than 26 languages which makes it easier for international diners to leave online reviews.
  • Increase local SEO to be found in your suburb.

Why are online reviews important for restaurants and the food industry?

In a survey conducted by Northwestern University in Illinois found having online reviews increases conversions by 270%. (Source: Spiegel Research Center) If that’s not enough to convince you eKomi Australia is the answer, did you also know that more than 73% of prospective diners will make a decision about dining at your restaurant or cafe based on only 6 reviews? In fact today, online reviews are held in higher esteem than word of mouth recommendations from your friends in family.

But reviews open you up to negative feedback? But the one thing that’s more detrimental to your business than negative reviews is no feedback at all. 43% of diners won’t dine at your restaurant if you have a 3-star rating or less and reviews equal star-ratings on Google.


Guide purchasing decisions and increase sales by displaying genuine customer reviews.

Syndicate product and seller ratings through our strong commerce network and drive relevant traffic.

Apply advanced analytics to evaluate and pinpoint particular issues and trends.

Generate conversations with your existing customers to track their experience and improve their lifetime value.

Measure and review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to improve branding and response rates.

Grant access for any of your divisions team members to your central feedback analytics and insights to educate your entire company to customer centricity.

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