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eKomi Australia for the Trades Industry

Online reviews are instrumental to the success of your trade, whether you’re an electrician, plumber, builder or a jack-of-all-trades home handyman. Unfortunately, not all tradies are created and popular opinion is most of them are out to rip you off. So social proof through  online reviews and recommendations become more important than ever, particularly if you want to stand out as honest, reliable, timely and fairly priced. This is where our team at eKomi Australia can provide you with a cost-effective solution. We understand that 94% of people make purchasing decisions based on online  reviews. The only thing words than negative feedback is no feedback at all. We also understand when you’re a sole trader and fixing burst pipes or have construction deadlines, it can be easy to forget to ask your customers to review you which is why at eKomi Australia, we have developed a software to ease the burden. Join the eKomi family and be a part of more than  15,000 global businesses successfully using our online reputation management software, to gather thousands of 4- and 5-star online reviews every month.

How does eKomi Australia Help Businesses in the Trades Industry?

eKomi Australia is designed to help tradespeople from all walks of life including those in construction, boilermakers, mechanics, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, bricklayers, truck drivers, technicians, carpenters, screenprinters, tilers, roofers, plasterers, hairdressers, beauticians, stonemasons and more.

eKomi Australia’s software will enable your trade business whether you’re a sole trader or a franchisee to:

  • Collect online reviews at the Point of Sale (POS), via Email and through text messaging or via our eKomi platform.
  • For business using AdWords, star ratings will display on your ads which can boost your click-through rate (CTR) by 17%
  • Rank organically on Google with rich snippets, a great way of increasing the online visibility of your web pages.
  • Display a “Certificate Page,” highlighting your overall rating on your website. This further reassures people that you are a reliable, trustworthy tradie who they can feel at ease leaving you unattended in their home.
  • Boost your local SEO through reviews on Google Local, Facebook, eKomi Australia, and many business directories. Local SEO is extremely important for plumbers, builders, electricians and others in the trades industry. That’s because Google now favors local pages in local search results.
  • Automate and simplify the process of gathering reviews from your customers. Get repeat business from your clients, through an eKomi Australia coupon that can be offered for a discount on the next booking
  • Get reviews from little to non-speaking english clients because eKomi supports 26 languages.

Why are Online Reviews Important for Tradies?

Aside from the fact that online reviews tell potential customers that you’re a safe bet to invite into their home and will be straight-up and honest, they also:

  • Boost your revenue. Businesses with Google ratings and reviews are more likely to get chosen over those tradespeople that don’t.
  • More than  94% of people are influenced in their purchasing decisions by online reviews.
  • 43% of people won’t even consider hiring your trade business if it has a  3-star rating or less.
  • Online reviews help you stand out in a digitally saturated world.

Guide purchasing decisions and increase sales by displaying genuine customer reviews.

Syndicate product and seller ratings through our strong commerce network and drive relevant traffic.

Apply advanced analytics to evaluate and pinpoint particular issues and trends.

Generate conversations with your existing customers to track their experience and improve their lifetime value.

Measure and review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to improve branding and response rates.

Grant access for any of your divisions team members to your central feedback analytics and insights to educate your entire company to customer centricity.

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