For most people, getting the most out of Google Ads campaigns is a hit or miss affair. Throw enough stones and some are bound to hit the mark, right? Well, that may very well be true, but such an attitude is no way to run a successful marketing campaign. Truth of the matter is, there is nothing mystical about Google Ads. With a little perseverance, you can master the art of creating top-notch Google ads for your business. And you don’t have to spend tons before hitting the mark. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of Google Ads.  

Start Small

Google Ads is great. However, it can also be a pain in the neck! As is the case with almost everything these days, the entire thing can leave you feeling as if you need to go back to college just to master the basics. Seriously, there should be a college degree on Google Ads alone! That is why most people prefer to hire experts to do the hard work on their behalf. However, running your own Google Ads is something that can be done. However, the process is going to take away from your other activities. So, you will need to either have someone in your marketing department do it full time, or you are going to need to outsource.

Start small so you can first familiarize yourself with your environment before taking the leap. Should you choose to go all in, you may find yourself overwhelmed. That is the reason why so many people end up giving up. But what does starting small mean? 

  • It means getting started with only a single campaign. 
  • It also means having as small a budget as you can get away with at the beginning. 


The great thing about handling your own Google Ads campaigns is that you will be able to experiment as a way of coming up with what really works in terms of driving people to your business. You may very well stumble along the way; some campaigns are going to work more than others. But don’t panic. Feel free to carry out experiments on your ads to find out what really works. You may find that simply changing the copy on your ad is all that you need to get improved performance. Or you may need to change your targeting options. How about working around with your target audience? These are all things that you can do that will help you come up with ads that bring people flocking to your business. 

Use Seller and Product Ratings

Google’s CPC text ads tend to be pretty basic. One way of enhancing the performance of your ads on Google is through the use of Seller and Product Ratings (star ratings). In fact, getting star ratings is something that we highly recommend. If you are wondering why, then check out this statistic from Google itself: businesses that display seller ratings on their Google ads can expect a CPC boost of up to 17%. Part of it has to do with the fact that those five little golden stars that you see on some Google ads serve as a beacon of trust. They tell people that a particular business has been tried out by their peers and has been found to be good at delivering on its promises. 


How to Get Seller Ratings and Product Ratings?

There are a number of ways through which you can get seller ratings: 

  • Use an online review management company such as eKomi: These companies help you automate the process of gathering reviews for your business. eKomi is also one of the companies that has been approved by Google to syndicate data for Seller and Product ratings. It is this data that is used to give your business stars in your Google Ads. 
  • You can also get Seller ratings through Google Customer Reviews. Once you have installed the necessary software on your site, your customers will get the Google Customer Surveys opt-in form upon checkout. Should they choose to participate, they will be able to review your business, with the feedback being used in Seller ratings. 
  • You can also manage your own rating submissions through Google’s Merchant Center. However, if you are not technically savvy, this will be difficult to do on your own. 

Google Ads and SEO go together

Most people think that there is an either-or relationship between Google ads and SEO. However, that is not true. Google Ads is great in that it helps bridge the gap while your SEO efforts are working in the background. That’s because SEO can take a long time to begin to bear fruits, which can be detrimental for small businesses. The following are some of the links that exist between SEO and Google Ads: 

  • Most people find that paid search can increase organic traffic to their sites. Having existing SEO efforts has also been found to be helpful when it comes to successful paid search campaigns. 
  • If you are already ranking at the top for a keyword, then there is really no need for you to target that keyword in your Google Ads. So, SEO is a good way through which you can reduce your Google Ads spending. 

Convert those clicks into sales and long-term relations

This is the final tip to help you get the most out of Google Ads. You may have done everything right in terms of coming up with a top-notch Google Ad, but that’s not going to be very helpful if you do not convert clicks into conversions. So what can you do?

You need to REALLY work on your landing page. Make sure that you are selling yourself to the best of your ability. Also make sure that the content of your landing page is in sync with your ad. Google looks at this and it contributes to your quality score. 

Finally, you need to make sure that any of the customers that you get through Google Ads become long term. The best way to do this is to make sure they get as great a service as is possible. Also make sure that they are reminded to give you feedback that will become part of the seller and product ratings that we talked about above. 

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