The festive season draws near and you, like everybody else, are probably wondering how you can milk every bit of the hype to grow your business. Online reviews are, without doubt, one of the most important tools in every marketer’s bag of tricks. The fact that the feedback that you get from your customers is of paramount importance can never be overstated. Today, almost everyone first refers to online reviews before making a purchase. Think we are exaggerating? Well, just consider the fact that up to 90% of consumers admit that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews, and you will understand what we are talking about here.  

Most people are not asked to leave online feedback

Yet the fact remains that most people out there need to be dragged kicking and screaming to leave reviews after making purchases. Never mind what everyone else has been telling you! The average consumer is NOT naturally inclined to rate your business! So, how is it that there are millions of reviews floating around the internet? Before you resort to Ninjutsu tactics, here are 4 review collection methods that will give you a great response rate; 


1)Collect reviews via email


This is the first method that you can use to gather reviews from your clients. Indeed, email is one of the most popular methods of requesting for feedback from customers for businesses in Australia and around the world. If you have ever made purchases on Amazon and eBay, you will be familiar with how these companies use email to ask people to review products that are sold on the platforms. 


How does it work?

When it comes to soliciting for feedback from your customers via email, you can choose to do everything manually. This works for low volume businesses such as car dealerships. If you only sell one or two products every week, then the manual method of sending out emails to your clients is viable. However, high volume businesses cannot hope to do this. 

This is where online review companies such as eKomi come into the picture. If you are an online retailer that sells dozens or thousands of products on a daily basis, then you will need to automate the process of getting reviews from your customers. Upon checkout (or some time later), an email is automatically sent to your customers asking them to rate their experience doing business with you. As you can see in the above screenshot, eKomi has an average response rate of 17% when it comes to asking for feedback using email. That’s above the average of 10% for email marketing. 


2)Use SMS to request for feedback from your customers


This is the second method that you can use to get reviews from your customers. If you thought that SMS had died a natural death, you better think again! Far from that being the case, SMS actually remains an effective tool when it comes gathering feedback from a business’s clients. The great thing about sending an SMS is that it immediately gets to its intended recipient. Let’s face it; most of us spend our days glued to our phones. And a text message is hard to ignore, whereas most of the emails that you are going to be sending out there will likely be immediately dragged unceremoniously into the recycle bin! 

How SMS feedback requests work

Should you use eKomi to gather feedback, your customers will receive an SMS upon making a purchase on your site. The contents of the SMS will be something like; “We hope you enjoyed our service. Would you please leave a review by clicking on the following link?” 

The SMS will contain a link on which people can click to be taken to your review form. There, they can leave feedback about your business. The great thing about this form is that it can be customized to reflect your brand. SMSs can be sent automatically using an API that is embedded on your website or through a Smartphone App. The following are some of the reasons why SMS is great as a way of asking for feedback from your clients; 

  • SMS has an average response rate of 98%
  • Most of your customers will read your SMS messages within the first 30 seconds
  • The average SMS response time is 90 seconds. 




One of the things that you need to understand is that time matters a lot when it comes to getting a positive response from your clients. When it is exactly that you should ask for feedback is going to be dependent on the nature of business, of course. A Pop-Up form is another of the ways that you can use to get reviews from your customers. The great thing about pop-ups is that they can boost your response rate by 40%. 

How do pop-ups work?

Once you have signed up for eKomi, a popup form will be integrated directly onto your website. This will appear as soon as your clients complete the checkout process. 


4)Point of Sale


You can also gather feedback from your clients in person (at the point of sale). This service works even when offline. eKomi has an app that you can use to request for reviews from your customers on the go. The data that is collected is then syndicated to Google. Again, the whole idea is to make sure that your clients get the chance to review your business at the most appropriate time. Once they have made a purchase, they will be able to rate your service. 

eKomi integrates these methods

To really get the most out of online reviews, you need to integrate all these methods of gathering feedback from your customers. This is what we, at eKomi, do best. We are one of the few fully managed online review companies that can be found in Australia! Once you have signed up, our software gets integrated right into your website, thus automating the process of gathering reviews from your clients. The great thing about us is that we are licensed to syndicate product and seller reviews to Google. These are then used for star ratings in Google Ads and in Google Shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with eKomi right now!