Time has swallowed a large chunk of the current year, and those in marketing may be looking deep into their bags of tricks for something with which to get an edge over the competition. Go to YouTube today and you are likely to stumble upon countless videos extolling one newfangled marketing idea or the other. Some of these tips and tricks actually work, if you can believe it. However, when everything has been said and done, most people find that nothing beats the age-old tools that are already at their disposal when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. Online reviews are one of these tried and tested tools. So, how are online reviews still relevant in today’s business environment? 


  • 90% of customers refer to online reviews before making purchasing decisions

The average consumer has always been a sophisticated being. Before making a purchasing decision, they usually try to find out, as much as is possible, what others who have had an experience with a product or service have to say about their purchase. In the years before the advent of computers, word of mouth reigned supreme. The ordinary man and woman back then would stop by the neighbour’s to chat about that new recliner that they had seen being offloaded that other day. Only then would they go ahead and purchase a similar product (much to the annoyance of the neighbour). 

Word-of-mouth still remains portent in today’s world. However, it has largely taken digital dimensions. Today, up to 90% of consumers around the world will first look up online reviews before making purchases. There can be no doubting, therefore, the fact that online reviews play an influential role in today’s business environment. 


  • Online reviews contribute to Product and Seller Ratings

To those that are wondering how to get star ratings in Google CPC text Ads and in Google Shopping, then the answer lies in online reviews. Google uses the data that is collected from a business’ consumers to come up with a five star-based rating system. Product and Seller Ratings are a good way through which to convince people to choose your business over your competitors. There are a number of ways through which you can get star ratings. To date, Google has licensed 18 companies for Product ratings and 30 for Seller ratings. Ekomi is one of the few companies that are licensed for both Product and Seller Ratings. 

Once you have signed up with any of these companies, you will get a snippet of code for your website that will automate the process of gathering reviews from your customers. This can be done either at checkout, via email, or SMS at an appropriate time after the purchase is made. You can also get star ratings through Google Customer Reviews. Though this product is free, you do need to pay an experienced programmer to make sure that it’s properly integrated into your e-commerce website. 


  • Boost your CTR by up to 17% using online reviews

The star ratings that you see on Google Ads and in Google Shopping are not just for show.  According to Google, businesses that make use of star ratings can expect a CTR boost of up to 17% in Google Ads! That should be motivation enough for all businesses to start harnessing the power of online reviews today!


  • Reviews are a good way through which you can protect your brand’s reputation

A shocking number of businesses out there choose to completely ignore gathering business reviews. Unfortunately, that does not mean business reviews can be ignored! That’s because a business’s customers can simply go to Google or Yelp to leave a review even when businesses have not signed up for these products. In other words, you do not need to have a Yelp page for people to be able to review your business on Yelp. 

And most people who give unsolicited feedback are usually angry at one thing or the other. It follows, therefore, that should you ignore online reviews, your brand could simply become swamped in a sea of negative feedback. That is another reason why online reviews matter in the year 2019. Any brand worth it’s salt can simply not afford to ignore them. Taking control of what people are saying about you on the internet protects your brand from malicious and negative reviews. 


  • Maximize your conversion rate by 3-11%

The great thing about online reviews is that they actually contribute a substantial amount to a business’s bottom line. You can, as an example, boost your conversion rate by between 3 and 11% through the use of reviews. But how does this work? Displaying online reviews on your site is simply a good way through which to convince people to buy the products and services that are in your catalogue. 


  • You get free, user-generated SEO content

Each time that someone reviews your business or your products, you get free SEO content. That is a great way through which you can boost the visibility of your business. Such content is unbeatable; getting people to continuously talk about your brand allows you to get to the top as far as Search Engine Result Pages are concerned. 


  • Reviews are a good way through which you can boost trust

Finally, perhaps the most important reason why online reviews matter in the year 2019 is the fact that they are a good way through which you can build your brand’s trust score. If you wish to get people to believe in you, then there is no better way of doing it than by lining up a stream of their peers to testify about your trustworthiness. 


Get the most out of Online Reviews with eKomi

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