Do you know your company’s online reputation? How do customers know if they can trust the quality and service of your brand?

Well, 93% of customers would answer ‘online reviews’. That’s exactly how they decide which business to buy from or work with. 

So, given that reviews are so intrinsically important, do you have a reviews strategy to improve and manage your online reputation?

Online reviews have never been so imperative to your brand growth strategy. It probably won’t surprise you to know that 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. 

Unfortunately, in the same way that bad news spreads better than good, consumers are more likely to leave a poor or negative review rather than one that’s positive. 

In fact, only 6% of people who have a positive experience will leave a review. This is a considerably deleterious issue for businesses, and is potentially harming their online reputation. From first glance, it can seem like there is a higher rate of negative experiences than there actually is.

With all this being said, how exactly can you protect your company’s online reputation and capture more of that much-sought after positive feedback? Well, there are some proven strategies to greatly assist your business bring that number up from 6% to as high as 68%. So let’s keep it simple. Here are five simple, immediately actionable steps to attain more positive reviews on your product or service.

1.You have to ask them! People won’t even consider it if they haven’t thought about it. The team here at Ekomi are always baffled by the sheer amount of businesses that hope people will go to the trouble of getting their phone out, searching for a business, and taking time out of their day to write a review. Asking those who have had a positive experience with your company will be of great benefit to you and your brand potential.

2.Time is of the essence. In fact, it is the most crucial element when requesting positive reviews. Most customers are more likely to write a review when it’s fresh and in their minds. At that moment, they are most likely at their most satisfied with your service. In fact, asking in person is preferable rather than email, SMS or via messaging apps. And therefore…

3.Personalisation is key. Your business has so far been personal in dealing with the customer, so make sure you use their first name in email’s or SMS. Importantly, you need to say more than just ‘please rate my business’ – personalise it for them to create a stronger brand/consumer relationship. Other prospective customers can then perceive this personalised approach, and consequently, will have an inclination to want to purchase the product or service.

4.Make it easy. Don’t make it too hard or give your consumers too many clicks. For example, our statistics indicate that sending a review invite via SMS is considerably more effective compared to email marketing. To the customer, it seems more personal and creates a stronger relationship between them and the brand, In fact, it’s something they check immediately, and of course, it’s easy. And one of the best ways to make it easy is…

5.Know your review link. The significant majority of customers don’t even know that that you can create a short, memorable, direct link to leave a Google Review for your business. Most businesses have to tell consumers to Google it or search for it their Facebook page, which can be too much of an ask for a consumer who has just bought from your business. In fact, it’s often seen as quite a laborious task.

Without a doubt, customer reviews have a significant impact on the reputation of your business – and consequently, your revenue. That is exactly why is it is of considerable importance to continuously generate more positive reviews whilst limiting and managing the negative ones.

Ekomi Australia are pioneers at ensuring that your reviews are managed effectively – ensuring an excellent reputation for your business to increase sales and revenue. Contact us today to get a head start on competition by choosing Ekomi to generate and manage your reviews. Call us today and speak directly with head of Ekomi Australia, Mathew, for a free and informative consultation.