Online review aggregator platform eKomi is set to launch in Australia as part of its plans to expand its presence into Asia. Headquartered in Germany, with offices in the US and the UK, the firm backed by Goldman Sachs is fast-becoming an integral part of eCommerce as it provides a turnkey solution for clients wishing to utilise online reviews to boost their digital presence to drive sales and customer engagement. Its Australian headquarters will be based out of Melbourne with an additional office in South East Queensland. 

eKomi, the online review and ratings company backed by Goldman Sachs is set to launch in Australia in October as it aims to transform the eCommerce sector across the country.  

With over 250 employees, the German-headquartered company – a Google worldwide partner – is Europe’s largest independent provider of transaction-based reviews and ratings, utilising online reviews to drive transactions for its clients that include global insurers AXA and leading retailer Esprit. 

According to Michael Ambros, CEO and co-founder of eKomi, its Australian operations represent its first foray into the Asia-Pacific region as it seeks to build its global footprint. 

“We’ve selected Australia as our first-market in the wider Asia-Indo-Pacific region as it represents a strategic stepping stone for us as we seek to build our presence in the area,” Mr Ambros said.

“What also attracted us is the maturity of the eCommerce space in Australia and upon close market analysis we were unable to find a true competitor that offers a comprehensive service like ours – improving our clients online digital rankings as well as driving new sales. It’s an exciting time for us to be launching in Australia and we are passionate about the opportunity to assist businesses here in improving their digital presence for the purpose of driving growth.”

Utilising a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eKomi allows its clients to gather both customer and product reviews, it then collates these for review before publishing and syndicating them across all major search engines. 

This then provides authentic client feedback at the online point of purchase with the aim of increasing the likelihood of the sale by providing third-party validation to the consumer.

This all built around the basis that consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on customer experience data – online reviews, ratings and social media feedback. 

In 2015 Goldman Sachs invested in the firm as it saw eKomi as a critical tool in providing two-way engagement between customers and organisations. This funding is assisting the firms’ international expansion, with Australia being its first new market out of the United States and Europe. 

Its Australian operations will be headquartered in Melbourne with a presence also in South East Queensland and will be headed up by Mathew McDonough, who has an extensive background in the telecommunication and travel industry with a core focus on customer support and managing the client success team at ekomi Australia

For eKomi Co-Founder, Gunther Schmidt, eKomi is at the cutting edge of eCommerce due to its ability to empower business to utilise customer feedback in ‘real-time.’

“In order to deliver a world-class experience, leading companies are shifting from simply collecting customer feedback to engaging with consumers and directly incorporating the insights obtained from their customers into strategy and operations,” Mr Schmidt said. 

“So, for a small fee, not only is eKomi allowing clients to collect, curate and display reviews, ratings and feedback to drive sales, it is also acting as a market research tool that can allow businesses to respond to key trends in an agile and fast manner. We are excited to be offering this ability to Australian companies – large and small – as we seek to become their partner in successfully navigating the eCommerce space.”  

About eKomi

eKomi The Feedback Company was founded in 2008 by Michael Ambros and Gunther Schmidt and is Europe’s premier and largest independent SaaS provider of transaction-based reviews and ratings and customer experience management. As a Google worldwide partner with over 250 employees and headquartered in Berlin and Los Angeles with additional offices in London, Paris, Melbourne, South East Queensland and Madrid, eKomi has gathered and published well over 40 million reviews for customers. More than 14,000 companies worldwide successfully leverage eKomi´s social commerce solution to strengthen trust, increase sales, reduce returns, and drive organic traffic through genuine user-generated content. eKomi´s groundbreaking social commerce technology enables businesses to generate customer and product reviews as well as social recommendations, thereby creating viral effects on websites and social media, while search engine integration allows for an immediate revenue-generating impact for the business. For more information, visit