In this contemporary and largely digitalised world, online reviews are of unmistakable importance to the continual growth and equity of your brand.

Presently, 90% of all consumers read online reviews before visiting or utilising a business service. Therefore, they have a clear and significant impact on sales. as reviews have the potential to lead to increased revenue and conversions for your brand. 

But what does all this mean?

Increased brand equity, identity, community and engagement with your social media presence, equating to higher engagement on your posts. And what does that mean for you? Well, the potential for more sales to cut things short.


Now more than ever, online reviews have the same significance as personal face-to-face recommendations, meaning their importance will be at the forefront of any successful digital marketing campaign.

In a society where social media and a strong online presence forms the backbone of the trust a consumer has with a brand, an emphasis on promoting online reviews is crucial to the ongoing success of your business.

And the truth is, the vast majority of consumers – both who you’ve worked with and prospectively – have already identified your online presence and read your reviews. They’ve done their research because they need to know if you can truly deliver on the promises you’re making.

So if your business isn’t utilising reviews as a part of its digital marketing strategy to confirm the quality of its product or service, you’re falling behind. You’re falling behind of your competitors. And you’re falling behind of maximising your revenue and sales potential. 

Why would you want that for your business?


With a strong management review system in place, showcasing reviews from all over online will allow your business to highlight its strengths, whilst building significant trust with the widest possible audience.

At the end of the day, you want to build a stronger relationship with your consumer. You want to become more engrossed in this modern day digital culture. You want to be ‘top of mind’ for what you are offering. And all of this, is built on trust. 

This is what reviews do for businesses.

Reviews offer the flexibility for consumers to read, interpret and conceptualise what a business has to offer based on previous experiences. If these previous experiences are met with positive outcomes, then a consumer will be more confident in their decision making, based on a foundation of trust built through reviews.


It’s basic human nature to want to know things – to dig a little deeper and see what lies beneath. Because if you’re planning on venturing out to a five-star restaurant you’ve never been to, you’ll read the reviews. You’ll read the reviews because before making an investment you’ll want to know the investment is worth your while.

You don’t want to be disappointed, you don’t want to lose out and you certainly don’t want to experience that feeling of being unsatisfied. 

The same goes for buying a service, a car, or even a house. It’s human nature. It’s in our blood. We want to make sure we know everything we possibly can before we make decisions. And this is what your prospective consumers are constantly pondering in their decision-making process.

So at the end of the day, if your business lacks a proper review management system, you’re missing out on the potential for considerable growth.


Moreover, engagement Is of utmost importance in ensuring your brand can grow at an exponential rate. These days, the amount of followers you have is not as important as how many likes, views, shares and comments your posts can generate. All these metrics are undeniably crucial for measuring the effectiveness of your social media campaign and accomplishing goals such as generating leads and conversions for your brand. 

Adding to this, reactive management is where an effective review system comes in. When a brand increases reactive engagement – the act of answering direct messages, reviews and comments – your business builds trust. 

And trust is at the forefront of the relationship the brand has with the consumer.


When distinguished E-Commerce company Proporta implemented a management review system through Boost Reviews, they saw a 59% increase in their organic search referrals and allowed customer service to become more visible to both new and existing customers. 

With increased non-brand search traffic, heightened conversions and a strengthened consumer relationship with the brand, the business was able to tap into and exploit opportunities they didn’t know otherwise existed. With continual growth and the potential for more consumers, Proporta is thriving off a review management system.

So, if you’re a brand looking to build brand equity, awareness and community through an online reviews system, get in touch with us today so you can grow your business exponentially in the digital world.

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