Does your business advertise using Google Ads? If yes, then you may have heard that one way of boosting your CTR in Google Ads and in Google Shopping is through the use of Seller and Product Ratings. But what are Seller Ratings and Product Ratings? And what is it that differentiates one from the other? All Australian businesses should definitely be worried about Product and Seller Ratings. Read this article to find out what they are and how they can be used to give your business a boost in today’s crowded environment. 

What are Seller Ratings?

Seller Ratings are one subject that we have covered a lot on this blog. That’s not really surprising, considering that eKomi deals in Seller Ratings. We are one of the few companies in Australia that are licensed to give businesses Seller Ratings in Google Ads and in Google Shopping. So, what are seller ratings? 

Seller Ratings vs Product Ratings

Seller ratings are a type of extension that is used by Google to reveal the kind of feedback that a business has received from its customers. 

The Seller Ratings extensions system

If you have been using Google for any given amount of time, you will have come across seller ratings. As you can see in the above screenshot, the seller ratings system is comprised of five stars. What you want for your business is to make sure that you have received as many stars as possible. 

Where and when do Seller Ratings appear? 

Seller ratings appear in Google CPC text ads and in Google Shopping. You should consider using them, therefore, if you have a presence on these platforms. 

Why Google uses Seller Ratings

Google is constantly on the hunt for ways through which it can improve the user experience. It wants to make sure that people who carry out searches get the best in terms of what they are looking for. Seller ratings are based on the reviews that people leave with regard to a particular business. In Google’s eyes, they are, therefore, a good way of ensuring that people get the best experience. 

Why businesses should bother with Seller Ratings

So, why should brands bother with seller ratings? There are a number of reasons why every brand in Australia needs to start getting seller ratings: 

  • Getting Seller ratings can boost the CTR in Google Ads by as much as 17%. That’s a potential boost of 17 per cent in your bottom line. But how do seller ratings achieve this feat? Well, the way seller ratings achieve this amazing feat is largely due to a number of factors. 
  • Seller ratings help give your ads greater visibility when compared to ads from your competitors. Those small stars may appear to be rather minor, but, in the greater scheme of things, they are a good way of making sure that your ads catch the eyes of your potential customers. Let’s face it, you are probably not the only one that’s advertising on Google. Your competitors are there as well. Fortunately, you can use seller ratings to make sure that your ads stand out from the pack. 
  • Seller ratings are effective because they act as a symbol of trust. We all talk about being pioneers, but human beings generally wish to tread where others have trodden before. So, a business that has a 4.5-star rating is likely to be trusted than one that has virtually no seller ratings. 

How do I get Seller Ratings?

Thing is, not all types of reviews that are floating out there are going to be able to give you Seller Ratings. That’s because Google has a list of 31 companies that it has approved to syndicate data from reviews for use in Seller Ratings. We, at eKomi, are proud to be one of these companies. So, if you are looking for a great way in which to boost your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also get Seller Ratings through Google Customer Reviews. 

Seller Ratings vs Product Ratings

Product Ratings

Okay, so, now that we have learned everything there is to learn about Seller Ratings, how about Product Ratings? What are they and what impact do they have on Australian business? 

What are Product Ratings? 

Product ratings are another type of extension that is used by Google to enhance the user experience. They showcase the ratings that a particular product has received from people. Like Seller ratings, product ratings use a system of 5 stars. The aim for Google is to make sure that people have all the information that they need before making purchases. 

Where do Product Ratings appear? 

Product ratings appear in Google Search and in Google Shopping Ads. Now, let’s say you have carried out a search for “best laptop 2020.” The results that you get will include some that have ratings on the products. 

How to get Product Ratings 

There are three ways through which you can get product ratings for your business: 

  • Use a 3rd party online review aggregator such as eKomi. Should you decide to sign up with us, then we will make sure that all the information that is needed to give you product ratings is syndicated to Google. 
  • You can upload your product ratings feed on your own. 
  • You can use Google Customer Reviews to get product ratings. 

Seller Ratings vs. Product Ratings


The following are some of the similarities and differences between seller ratings and product ratings: 

  1. Seller ratings and Product ratings both use a 5 star based system to highlight the kind of feedback that a business or product has received. 
  2. Both are a good way of boosting your CTR. 
  3. One difference between Product ratings and Seller ratings is that Product Ratings do not appear in Google text Ads. 
  4. However, they both appear in Google Shopping. 

Go for both seller and product ratings

Where applicable, you should opt for a company that gives you both seller and product ratings. At eKomi, we pride ourselves in being one of the few companies that is licensed by Google for both product and seller ratings. 

Contact eKomi today to see how we can help.